"Business is the way great design gets to people" -Some Famous
The concept of "VALUE" is a dynamic one, with the passage of time often resulting in a shift in its perceived meaning.

In a world where things are hyper-standardized, efficiency is the core idea of living. ReBoxing is a second-hand sale platform for citizens to help them feel convenience and comfort while using the free platform to sell and buy second-hand products from their homes. People sign up for this because the platform offers multiple second-hand products, which are not divided by the fashion brand but by the usage times. The more times the product has been used, the better price this product would be as long as it is in good condition. It also provides the delivery service using a modified version of the yellow boxes. They’ll tell their friends because it allows them to find customized or vintage products, reduces the effects that go to waste, and people try to reuse their stuff for as long as possible.

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