“Architecture is time, space, movement, a mode of experience, way of living, phenomenology” -Bernard Tschumi.
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Bernard Tschumi proposed the idea of Notation in space, which aims to create a new way of representing space that captures its essence and experience. Notation explores space through different aspects such as time, movement, phenomenology, and mode of experience. The idea is to develop a deeper understanding of space and its impact on people's lives. The Space and Notations LAB has taught me to parallel design with discovering new methods of Notations, which allows me to turn the abstract but attractive essences of space experiences into true theories in the field of architecture. In the research process, we aim to use this approach to create designs that reflect a deeper understanding of space, providing meaningful experiences for those who inhabit the spaces we make.
Notation of home aims to strengthen the feeling of the model by creating a circular space to house every event within it. The space in the model's center represents the intangible memories stored within people's minds. The use of light in the model portrays the feeling of home by illuminating each memory. Moreover, I believe that a home should be concealed and separated from the outside world, hence the importance of a protective roof over each family's dwelling.

What makes this topic fascinating is the ability to showcase a similar yet unique sense of belonging that resonates with everyone's perception of the home. I hope that through this notation, we can uncover and explore the personal essence of what constitutes a sense of home in each individual's heart.
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