​​​​​​​Decades ago, Keelung was the world's seventh-biggest container port. Today, it aspires to become a tourism center, but the challenges are daunting. Can it succeed?
Keelung Battles to Change Identity
Keelung City, located in northern Taiwan, is a unique place with a rich history and culture. The city was once a bustling port that was an essential gateway to Taiwan for international trade and commerce. Despite its early development, the city has faced many challenges over the years. 

The lack of public housing, poor traffic system, and congested residential areas has caused many locals to move out of the city. To address these issues, the Urban Regeneration Office was established in Keelung City. The office aims to bridge the gap between the government and locals and promote city renewal. Through various exhibitions and events, the city hopes to raise awareness and encourage public participation in urban regeneration projects.
As an architect working on the redesign of the urban area in Keelung Harbor, my role was to organize the design drawings provided by other designers and analyze the interface between each project. By collaborating with engineers, financial investigators, and managers, we were able to provide the government with multiple options for the redevelopment of the area. Our goal is to help Keelung City overcome its challenges and change its identity. By revitalizing the harbor area, we hope to attract more visitors and businesses to the city, create more job opportunities, and improve the quality of life for locals.

Keelung City is actively taking steps toward urban regeneration, and establishing the Urban Regeneration Office is a significant move toward this goal. The office is working towards bridging the gap between different projects in the city and creating a better line of communication between the government and locals. 
As part of the efforts of the Urban Regeneration Office, we regularly hold lectures and discussions to showcase our plans and ideas for the renewal of Keelung City. Along with this, we report to the mayor of Keelung City on a monthly basis and work with engineers, financial investigators, and managers to bring our projects to life. 

My role in the team involves organizing drawings provided by other designers and ensuring that each project interfaces seamlessly with the others. Professionals dive into each project and solve the problems in each company, providing better ideas in between is not easy work. Our results are discussed internally and presented to the government in various ways to ensure their successful implementation. Looking ahead, we are thrilled to participate in the upcoming 2022 Keelung City Expo, where we will showcase our achievements and promote Keelung City's urban regeneration plans to a wider audience.
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