Imagine a future piece of infrastructure that supports (1 or more) emergent forms of transportation of Plan B in 2050.
“ How do people find uniqueness when everything is hyper-standardized? ”

Questioning  the world we have and create a unique experience for our customers by providing them with a sense of excitement and mystery every time they opened their box. Despite the standardization of the world, the contents inside the box would remain a mystery. Customers would have the choice and privacy to keep their contents unknown, making them feel special and unique.

As part of this project, we collaborated with DJI and IKEA to develop a new commercial model for package delivery using drones and a specialized drone pad. The design of the drones includes multiple features such as the ability to carry batteries of different sizes, extendable grabbers, and a landing pad that provides benefits for charging, landing, and maintenance. This project is an extension of our ReBoxing service, which offers customers a unique second-hand sales platform that promotes sustainability and reduces waste. With this innovative delivery method, we aim to provide our customers with a convenient and efficient service that sets us apart from our competitors.
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