Create an electrical controller using both a digital interface and physical components that remedies switching between devices and screens following when family members stay in the house.

The Screen-s project aimed to design an interactive system that supports the evolution of media consumption by addressing the challenge of navigating multiple entertainment devices and maintaining interest in new screen formats. The solution, an augmented reality platform called Screen-s, displays multiple screens that move with the user and can be controlled through physical and digital interactions. This project highlights the importance of interaction design in creating innovative solutions that enhance user experience and support the evolution of technology. 

Good interaction design is crucial to the success of the project, as it enables users to seamlessly switch between screens and explore new formats through an intuitive and user-friendly platform. Effective interaction design can also improve engagement and encourage users to join the Screen-s community, which helps to achieve the project's goal of creating a new society around this innovative technology. Without good interaction design, users may struggle to understand how to control the screens and become frustrated with the platform, leading to a negative user experience.

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