Naked shopping
“How does the customized exist in a well-organized, regular, industrialized world?” 

Currently, supermarket only sells in specific sizes: too big or too small, too much or too little, while the naked stores are flexible and accommodate any amount people need. But we hope that in time more choices will become available. Also, if you don’t have a suitable empty container, you can buy one in the supermarket, but please remember, once you’ve used it, don’t throw it away. Keep it for next time. Not only does it do away with all that unnecessary packaging, but it’s also basically a brand-new sales model. With the ultimate aim of putting a dent into our wasteful use of plastic, it is changing everything from the logistics to the product design, from the actual product itself to sales and marketing. And it’s not just for toiletries. The same model – replacing disposable plastic packaging with reusable and refillable containers — can be adapted for drinks, grains, oils, and other foodstuffs.
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