Our studio is dedicated to achieving a harmonious balance between art and design, with the goal of integrating art into everyday life. We are passionate about understanding the manufacturing process and applying it to our creations in a way that transforms complex crafting techniques into elegant ceramic pieces. Our ultimate aim is to enhance the quality of life and aesthetics of the people who use our products.

Our founder's high school teacher has been an advocate of children's ceramic art education for the past two decades. With the founding of our studio, we seek to inherit the spirit of craftsmanship from our teacher's father, as well as his wisdom, and work together to create beautiful and functional ceramic products that can bring joy to people's daily lives. We are also proud to collaborate with the local ceramic industry chain in Taiwan, where we work with both young and experienced ceramic craftsmen and model makers to promote the beauty of Taiwanese ceramic artistry. Our hope is to inspire more people to appreciate and value the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into every piece of ceramic work produced in Taiwan.
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